Friday, July 13, 2012

Monthly Homework Assignment - Love Love


What can I say? I love painting stuff on mah face.
Starting from the very basics with which I can achieve a look, we have:
 - Mascara. My favorite is Yves Rocher's Lumielle. While I admit that it doesn't elongate your lashes till they touch your forhead, it's very gentle with your lashes and easy to remove.
 - Brow gel.
 - Red lip pencil and lipstick. I love the Alverde ones, beautiful and inexpensive.
 - Cream liner. I recently discovered this type of liner from Elf, and I'm in love. Gives a softer finish then liquid liner.
 - Liquid liner. Kittylicious!
 - Primer. My favorite so far is Urban Decay Primer Potion, but the Elf Essential Primer is very good too, and you can't argue with that price.
 - Brushes. I love Elf brushes, especially the Mineral Blending Brush - it's soft, blends flawlessly and it's about half the size of a normal brush, so it fits in any purse or make-up bag.

Pencil brush, tapered blending brushes - stiff (Sigma E35) and
soft (Elf Mineral) and flat, large blending brush (UD Good Karma)
 - Foundation. I use a full coverege one in the cold months because the cold can easily irritate my skin and make them even more red. I love the Dermablend by Vichy, which I blend with either a Sigma flat top Kabuki or an Elf flat powder brush. And check out the commercial :)

 - Finally, sunglasses ALL THE TIME. Because after I spent 30 minutes carefully choosing colors, blending them into seamless perfection and lining my eyes with surgical precision, the most logical thing to do is cover everything up with colored plastic.
I also want to add three fashion items that are must haves: a white shirt, preferably cotton or linen, preferably  something casual; a blue kimono-jacket my mother made for me and a wooden fan.

And that's about it... Does anyone else have problems with redness?
And a song I love.

Spealking of songs, I absolutely did not name this post after the Take That song on the X-Men: First Class soundtrack. No. I am not a comic book nerd and definately NOT a total Guy Gardner fangirl. No sir, not me.


  1. Awesome post! Isn't it funny how we cover our perfect makeup with sunglasses!?! I used to feel the same way about my general glasses too ... until I couldn't read signs anymore. Sigh.

    Thanks for participating!

  2. The glasses thing is part of why I don't do eye makeup much (well, that and I'm bad at it :P); it's frustrating to cover it up! Fans and white shirts are always good to have too. And I approve of the nerdiness. I am the Geeky Goth Girl, after all. :)