Friday, July 6, 2012

Space Romance

I've been listening to a lot of Delerium lately. And decided to celebrate that fact with a nail tutorial. So let's just pretend we see the connection between trance music and nebulas, shall we?

So, first you need to paint your nails black. Don't waste time to make it perfect; the different densities will actually help the overall look. Also, I recommend applying only one coat and giving it ample time to dry and settle.
From this point on, we will be using a make-up spunge to layer colors. First, take the matte white and gently map out the contours of the gas clouds:

Next, grab a matte yellow and very gently dab it randomly on the edges of the white. This color needs to be very subtle, more of a suggestion; you could skip this step altoghether.
Grab a matte red or hot pink and likewise, dab it gently in random places.

We'll be using shimmery colors next, starting with an aqua green (Miss Sporty Clubbing in 246 is my choice).   I really love this color, so I use quite a lot :) Next, an electric blue.

Finally, ad a color to break it up. I chose a dark purple, but you can use pink, red, even orange. Just make sure it breaks up the blue and green and stands out. Finally, ad a gold reflex polish and if desired, glitter. Unfortunately, it's the middle of the night and my final look is too glittery for the flash. I'll probably post a picture later. Good night and good luck.

Edit: I've come up with half-decent shots of the final look:

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